I've entered the RV rental game!

I have spent A LOT of time in RV’s (“motorhomes”) in my life.

Growing up racing motocross, my dad and I traveled to all the races in a motorhome.

We did that for a little over a decade, so I’m pretty familiar with them.

But, I had never considered “investing” in them.

Then, on episode REI069 of my podcast, I talked with Buddy Rushing and he told me all about how he was getting into the RV rental business.

It intrigued me.

For a month or two after talking to Buddy, I studied the strategy and learned how it worked.

Then I took action.

I took delivery of it last week and it’ll be going up for rent in the next week or two.

The best part is, I can use it when it’s not rented.

I’ll keep you all updated as I test this strategy.

If it works, I will likely buy 5-10+ of them.

Stay tuned.

All the best,

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