Struggling with perfectionism...

I’ve often struggled with my perfectionism standing in the way of putting things out into the world.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve learned from a real-world example what people mean when they say, “perfection is the enemy of progress”.

For those who don’t know, I invest in real estate and I host a podcast.

On the podcast, I had a successful real estate investor who told me he started renting RVs as a spin on real estate.

I had spent nearly a decade growing up in RVs every weekend racing motocross, so this naturally piqued my interest and seemed like an area I’d have a competitive advantage.

So, I bought one.

There were various reasons, but the biggest reason why I delayed, and delayed, and delayed listing the RV for rent was that I wanted the listing to be “perfect”.

I wanted the pictures to be perfect.

I wanted the title and descriptions to be perfect.

Then, I had a mastermind meeting one morning for a brand new mastermind that I joined.

I left that meeting motivated, so I listed the RV for rent right after the meeting.

Then, I hopped on a podcast interview with Tom Bilyeu.

When we were done, I checked my email and saw I had a booking request for $1,000.

A $1,000 booking request for 3 nights, only 42 minutes after I published the RV for rent.

Not only that…

But I thought the listing was awful.

The title needed to be improved, the pictures weren’t the ones I wanted, and the description needed work, but I listed it anyway.

Fast forward to today and I still have updated the listing…

Yet, it’s been booked nearly every single day since I originally listed it.

If I had succumbed to my perfectionism, the booking would’ve never happened.

Perfection IS the enemy of great.

All the best,

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