Big Announcement!

My FREE investing community is now LIVE!

Hey everyone!

I launched a community called The REI Shadow back in early-2021.

After a lot of demand for this paid community, I decided to partner with an awesome software developer to create a new platform, specifically allowing aspiring investors (Shadowers) to shadow people already doing what the Shadower wants to do (Investors). For example, if you want to learn how to buy long-distance rentals, house hack, or buy RV rentals, I’d be a great Investor for you to shadow as a Shadower.

This new platform has been about six months in the making, and our beta is officially launched as of today!

As of now, the only Investor on the platform is me, but we have grand plans to bring on many, many more Investors to provide shadowing opportunities to Shadowers, and also implement a ton of new features!

You can join for FREE today at

All the best,

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The #1 piece of advice successful real estate investors give is to partner with someone successful, find a successful mentor, or work for someone successful for free. It's because all of these things give an inside look at what they're doing — get the same thing by shadowing successful investors on the Investor Shadow platform.

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